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We are here, so that even in a situation that seems to be hopeless, we can find an optimal solution for the client, acting within the law.



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About Us

Radoslaw Paulewicz Law Firm  based in Katowice specializes in providing legal services for companies and legal advice for entrepreneurs. We advise companies both in  their daily operations and in a crisis. We support  commercial and civil law companies as well as sole traders, including foreign entities. We help to ensure the security of business transactions and prevent fraud in the company. We use the services of business intelligence and work closely with  a detective agency. We also provide legal assistance to individuals in the field of consumer bankruptcy.


We also deal with debt collection and debt relief. We act on behalf of both creditors and debtors. We watch over the correctness of debt enforcement proceedings. We cooperate with bailiffs to protect the interests of creditors for the rapid and complete recovery of debt.

Our cooperation with bailiffs  also benefits debtors by  enabling them to repay outstanding liabilities and free themselves from debts. We represent clients in courts and in proceedings before enforcement authorities in commercial penal, fiscal penal  and civil cases.


We deal with establishing , developing and converting companies in legal terms. We specialize in  conversions of companies and sole trader’s businesses  into limited partnerships. We prepare and conduct restructuring of companies under the new restructuring law. We support the processes of bankruptcy and liquidation of companies   whose   economic and financial  standing have become extremely difficult.

In the field of penal commercial law, we defend entrepreneurs suspected of frauds, fictitious transactions, and tax frauds. We specialize in cases related to carousel frauds and VAT frauds. We represent clients before the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBŚ), the Internal Security Agency (ABW) and the prosecutor’s office.


Our values: trust, quality, attention to  clients’ interests

rozwiązanie problemw prawnych firmy

We are here, so that even in a situation that seems to be hopeless, we can find an optimal solution for the client, acting within the law.

współpraca z klientem

We believe that  client’s success determines our own. That’s why we work with our clients on  achieving their objectives, also to fulfil  our own aims.

dbałość o interes klienta

In our hierarchy of values ​​we prize the most trust, care for the interests of clients and the quality of service.